I’m Juliette, the face behind Colour Captured.

I’ve recently moved to Melbourne from the Gold Coast, and work between the two cities. Usually, I’m the one at a party chatting to everyone, love running into people I know at the shops, and really enjoy meeting new people – which is why I adore photography. Some of the most common feedback I get from a wedding day is that I bring a calming vibe when things are running late or not going to plan - which, between you and me, happens at least once at most weddings.

I love love, in all its forms - and am obsessed with the little snippets of nostalgia that photographs deliver.

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If I had to guess what I’m most often described as…

I’d guess it’d be a tie between ‘happy’, ‘easy-going’ and ‘laid back’.

Little Things

My favourite things are hanging at the beach (whether it be surfing or just lazing with a good book), walking to my favourite coffee shop with my partner and dog Luna, or enjoying my latest craft beer discovery with friends.


Travel is a major passion for me, and I’m itching for an international adventure now that we can travel both near and far. Don’t let distance stop you from getting in touch. I would really really love to travel to capture your memories – it’s an excuse for a trip!


I struggle to put my photography into one niche - I love shooting (almost) anything and everything, and the diversity that it brings to my days.