I grew up by the ocean, and have only semi-recently made my way south to the big bad city (Melbourne, Australia). I'm a passionate advocate for early rising (I know, crazy living in Melbourne), strong flat whites, and am an absolute travel addict. I live here with my partner Brandon and dog Luna.

Whether it’s a weekend away in a laid-back beach shack, or a months-long trip exploring tiny towns that you’d only know if you accidentally got off at the wrong stop on a local bus (speaking hypothetically, of course), I feel that there is truly something special about leaning into a new place and diving head-first into what it has to offer. Even if that does mean sharing a bus seat with a chicken. 

During my time at home, I work part-time as a photographer and part-time as a lawyer.

photographer, mediocre surfer, speed reader, travel obsessed

I'm Jules

surfing baby waves

waking up for sunrise

pain au chocolats (over almond croissants, 
every time)

Strong flat whites

- my partner / friends / family / boss

"Maybe let's not talk about travel for like five minutes"